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DENAS-applicator-2 RUS
  • Producer: DENAS MS corp
  • SKU: 3001
  • Availability of goods: 500 pcs
  • Unit: piece
  • Weight: 435.00
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DENAS-Applicators - bundle of 3 electrodes for DENAS-T, DENAS and DENAS-PCM devices.

The DENAS-Applicators was developed using a breakthrough technology and hypoallergenic material – silicone with a conductive core.

The DENAS- Applicators set сonsists of 3 electrodes and 3 cuffs one wide and two narrow which can be adjusted with Velcro fasteners.

The DENAS-Applicators are designed to heal inaccessible zones of back, hip, neck and shoulders. It is also useful for healing larger segments of the body simultaneously.

The patient assumes a comfortable position and can perform the procedure without assistance. The large application area shortens the procedure and decreases treatment time, increasing efficiency.