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DENAS Vertebra-2
  • Producer: DENAS MS corp
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DENAS-Vertebra-2 is the device for dynamic electroneuro­stimulation (DENS) in the back area for pain relief and for treatment of different disorders.

DENAS-Vertebra-2 differs from other DENAS machines - it has fundamentally new method based on principle "traveling wave" simulating the electro massage effect.

DENAS-Vertebra-2 has:

  • Automated therapy programs
  • Selection of the program, mode and treatment area
  • Easy user-friendly interface
  • Save-time design, minimal involvement of medical stuff.
  • Operates from batteries or from outlet 
  • Complete with disposable non-woven sheets with perforations according to the electrodes layout.

DENAS-Vertebra-2 has 5 automated programs:

  • Program A - increasing the overall resistance of the human body; prevention and treatment of stress, neurosis, the correction of sleep disorders; comprehensive treatment of cardiovascular diseases, bronchopulmonary and digestive systems.
  • Program B - severe pain in the back and neck, pain in internal diseases, rehabilitation in the postoperative period.
  • Program C - moderate and mild back pain, muscle overexertion, exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs.
  • Program D - emergency care in localized back pain.
  • New! Program E -Individual prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases can improve the results of treatment of acute and chronic back pain in the exchange application programs B and C.

The uniqueness of the device allowed to register a new medical technology "Use of device DENAS-Vertebra in the treatment of diseases of the spine" * * Application of the device DENAS-Vertebra in the treatment of spine: Method. Recommendations. - SPb.: SPbMU them.Acad. IPPavlova, 2011. - 20 s.