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Articles and Researchers on DENS Therapy


Republic Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Aid
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

In spite of certain success achieved during the past decades in burns medicine, the problem of relieving a pain syndrome under thermal injuries is not resolved completely. Introduction of modern high-efficient preparations for general anesthesia of the burnt is under development now. However, side effects of the majority of these medicines set severe restrictions to their practical use. In this connection, a new trend in the clinical burns medicine is being developed with application of non-drug methods of pain relieving in patients with thermal injuries.

Application of the method of dynamic electrostimulation (DENS) in local treatment of the burnt is one of the prospective trends for resolving this problem.

The purpose of the present work was to assess DENS influence on intensity of the pain syndrome and terms of burning wound healing.

55 burnt with the burn area from 5 to 30 % of the skin surface were included into the research, average age was 34.6±l.6 years. The patients were divided into two groups: main (25 people) and control (20 people). The main group had DENS from the DiaDENS-DT apparatus in addition to drug therapy. The procedures were carried out once a day. An individual recipe of treatment was selected according to the recommended methods. Patients of the control group had only standard conservative treatment. To make the results more objective, patients of the main and control group were asked to assess intensity of the pain syndrome daily, the course of the wound process was examined at the same time.

Of 25 patients who had complex therapy with DENS application, all had a positive therapeutic effect in the form of pain syndrome relief, increase of active motions and improvement of the general state of health. Analgesic effect of the DENS-therapy was registered after 1-2 procedures. Reduction of the pain syndrome was registered by the 5th-6th procedure. As regards the wound process, reduction of inflammatory effects, terms of acceleration of wound cleansing and epithelization were registered. In the control group, the pain syndrome lasted out during much longer periods (up to 2-3 weeks), terms of cleansing and healing of the burning wound were also longer.

Thus, inclusion of DENS-therapy into complex treatment of the burnt promotes reduction of the pain syndrome and acceleration of epithelization of the burning wound.

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