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New long-expected accessories for DENAS and DiaDENS Devices will be available soon

"DENAS MS" Corporation pleased to present to our customers and distributors new accessories for DENAS and DiaDENS devices.

1. Hair Comb for treating hair parts of the human body or animals.
hair comb for DENAS/DiaDENS devices

2. Face probe for cosmetology. It will be also helpful for treating small children. This electrode can be a good alternative to a bigger built-in electrode on the DiaDENS frame, specially when it is difficult to access small parts of the body. And, in general, this electrode is much easier to operate - you don't have to constantly hold or move the whole body of the electronic device.

Note, these electrodes will be conceivably available for purchasing in the second part of 2008 year (we need to get Euro certificates for these electrodes).
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Registration in FDA of USA and Canada will be completed on May 2008.

"DENAS MS" Corporation plans to get registration for all models of DENAS devices in FDA of USA and Canada. That will be next huge step in international development of DENS Therapy. We plan to open official representative of "DENAS MS" Corporation in USA which will supply devices for the American and Canadian market. Expected date of registration - May 2008. Dear would be distributors for US and Canadian market, we are expecting your joining to our business right now. Please register at our web site first and fill out this application then.

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SPECIAL OFFER FOR DISTRIBUTORS. Buy 10 devices and get 1 for FREE!!!

Special offer for Distributors dated for 10th anniversary of DENAS MS Corporation.

From 1 of January 2008 until 31 May 2008 any distributor who buys 10 devices (same model) will get 1 for free. For example you ordered 10 DiaDENS-T devices and 20 DiaDENS-PCM devices. So, you’ll get 1 DiaDENS-T and 2 DiaDENS-PCM for free. Devices participants: DENAS, DiaDENS-T, DiaDENS-PCM, DiaDENS-Cardio, DiaDENS-PC, DiaDENS-DT, ZooDENS, DENAS+, ViDENS.

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Free Training on 7 of December 2007

We carried out periodical training for our customers. There was six participants as usual (it is maximal volume that allow to take our software). People from USA, South Korea and Russia united for 1.5 hours to learn basics of DENS Therapy. There was simple users, therapists and even one MD - Famous Dr Keith Scott Mumby - one of the first who openly told about SCENAR Technology  in USA and UK. You can even listen archive records of radio shows on "Coast to Coast AM" with his participation.
Next date of training: 9:00 PM, January 17, New York time. See details at training page.
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