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DENAS-Complex - new device for therapists

DENAS-Complex - new device for therapists

The gold standard of DENS. DENAS-Complex integrates all the achievements made by the medical center of DENAS MS Corporation during all the history of DENS therapy. There are all the modes that have ever been used in DENAS devices - all frequencies, including low frequencies (below 10 Hz) and modulated modes. For example DENAS-complex is equipped with familiar to experienced users "Tonification", "Relaxation", "Universal pain relief" and "Quick pain relief", "Myostimulation", "Rhinorrhea", "Allergy" and new, "Eyesight fatigue" and "Eyesight treatment." In order to start treatment session operator should use the menu and select the neccessary frequency or program in "Modes"section.

In addition, user can read on the screen brief description of the mode or frequency by just clicking on the button. This function will be very useful not only for beginners but also f ... Read more »

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