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SPECIAL OFFER FOR DISTRIBUTORS. Buy 10 devices and get 1 for FREE!!!

Special offer for Distributors dated for 10th anniversary of DENAS MS Corporation.

From 1 of January 2008 until 31 May 2008 any distributor who buys 10 devices (same model) will get 1 for free. For example you ordered 10 DiaDENS-T devices and 20 DiaDENS-PCM devices. So, you’ll get 1 DiaDENS-T and 2 DiaDENS-PCM for free. Devices participants: DENAS, DiaDENS-T, DiaDENS-PCM, DiaDENS-Cardio, DiaDENS-PC, DiaDENS-DT, ZooDENS, DENAS+, ViDENS.

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Natasha Bidlevskii
1:36 PM, 11 May 2008

how can i become a distributer?

10:31 AM, 29 April 2008

I sent you all information to your email

1:31 PM, 28 April 2008

i just became a distributor, how do i order devices?

wilson biggrin

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