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DENAS (and its updated modifications DiaDENS) is a pocket size nerve regulator and stimulator. DENAS/DiaDENS is offspring of SCENAR device that was developed for use by Russian Space Cosmonauts. DENAS is universal healer for pain relief, restoration of functions, accelerating recovery and curing different diseases and conditions.
DENAS works interactively. At first it finds pathological spots (so called "asymmetries") and then treats them. These asymmetries are signs of difference that indicate nerve energy problems associated with injury, pathology and disease.
DENAS stands for a dual-range electric neuro adaptive stimulator:
  • Dual-range - the device operates in two modes: dosed (works on 10 Hz) and constant (works on 77 Hz)
  • Electric - the device generates electric impulses penetrating the skin within 1mm (informational influence only)
  • Neuro - the device affects the organism with neuro-like impulses - impulses similar to our nervous system
  • Adaptive Stimulator - the adaptogenic device produces a regulating effect, increases and stimulates the adaptive resources of the organism, actuates the mechanism of self-regulation - mobilizes the natural protection mechanisms
As the device is moved over the surface of the skin a tingling sensation is felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions, the sensations may be stronger. Power level is then adjusted to suit the person’s sensitivity. Patients often report that they experience an almost immediate reduction in pain and often express that they feel “relieved, relaxed and energized” after a treatment session. Some symptoms may exacerbate (get worse or more painful) for a short period (24-48 hours).
Very simple: place device on the skin, adjust power to suit (when you feel pleasant tingling sensation) and treat the painful points. Drag it on the skin to find sticky points (or other signs of asymmetry). They show you where problems are. In other cases, if you have few different locations of painful points or unclear complaints or complex problems, treat the general zones like the "three pathways" on the back.
Anywhere on the body: painful spots, projections of sored organs, obtained asymmetry points or specific areas that recommended for treatment your disease (see manuals for DENAS).
There are three types of evidences that DENAS/DiaDENS really work:
1. Scientific Randomised Control Research Trials
2. Clinical 25 years usage of SCENAR technology (DENAS based on SCENAR technology) by Russian and other Doctors
3. Persoanl usage. You can try it out your self. Or speak to someone who has.
Yes, we provide trainings for our customers. Due to the different geographic location of our customers we provide trainings via Internet. Please read details at DENAS training web page. We also provide real trainings in your country. Please contact to our representatives in your country.
Some modern producers and developers of SCENAR devices wrote about DENAS/DiaDENS device as bad imitation of SCENAR. We've never been answering bad about our competitors and continue to please our customers producing newest high quality DiaDENS-PCM, DiaDENS-Cardio devices ets. Excellent testimonials from thousands of happy customers confirm high quality and efficacy of our devices. DENAS/DiaDENS is "SCENAR Technology" based device that truly work for personal or professional usage.