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We provide 1 year warranty for all devices. If it brokes you need to contact to our distributor who was your supplier. So please save distributor's contact or see list of our distributors.
Your supplier obliged to accept your device and repair it or replace by new one. Please be patient as supplier needs some time to repair device. If you are away from supplier and you received device by mail it is possible also to send device directly to producer. Please ask address from your supplier.
DENAS device requires special adapter to hook up additional electrodes (DENS Accessories - DENS-glasses, DENS-Applicator or acupuncture probe). You can order this adapter from any of our distributors. Note, new versions of DENAS - DiaDENS-T, DiaDENS-DT, DiaDENS-PCM, DiaDENS-PC do need need this adapter.