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There are only two absolute contraindications for DENS usage - implanted heart pacemaker and individual intolerance of electric current. Other ones are relative and could be disregarded in case of therapist control. These contraindications are the following:
- Using the device over the direct projection of female breeding organs in case of pregnancy.
- Self using the device in case of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication
- Using the device in case of superficial cancer (cancer of the skin)
- Long time treatment over direct projection of calm kidneys and gall bladder if it is well known that there are stones persists
Yes, you can combine DENS therapy and any mainstream or alternative medicine methods of treatment. DENS method usually speed up recovery if you combine it with standard methods, for example taking medicines or surgery. DENS also reduces or eliminates side effects of medicines.
Yes, our devices are absolutely safe. The DENAS device speaks on Human Body's language, pruducing electric impulses, similar to the natural cells ones. The device shows the body location of problem and say how to solve it. It not energize, it just makes the problem obvious and human body start self healing process. You know, human body can't hurt itself.