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There are three types of evidences that DENAS/DiaDENS really work:
1. Scientific Randomised Control Research Trials
2. Clinical 25 years usage of SCENAR technology (DENAS based on SCENAR technology) by Russian and other Doctors
3. Persoanl usage. You can try it out your self. Or speak to someone who has.
We recommend to clarify this independently in your country because we may miss some details or make mistake as we are not residents of your country
Yes, we provide trainings for our customers. Due to the different geographic location of our customers we provide trainings via Internet. Please read details at DENAS training web page. We also provide real trainings in your country. Please contact to our representatives in your country.
Some modern producers and developers of SCENAR devices wrote about DENAS/DiaDENS device as bad imitation of SCENAR. We've never been answering bad about our competitors and continue to please our customers producing newest high quality DiaDENS-PCM, DiaDENS-Cardio devices ets. Excellent testimonials from thousands of happy customers confirm high quality and efficacy of our devices. DENAS/DiaDENS is "SCENAR Technology" based device that truly work for personal or professional usage.
There are 2 solutions:
1. Ask customer to give/send you device. Test device to be sure that it's broken (if you are not sure please email us). Give/send back new same device from your stock if you have one. Send broken device to us (to Czech Republic branch office or to Russian head office depends on the place of supplying or use the principle: send Euro versions of products to Czech Republic branch office and Russian versions of products to Russian head office) for repair/replacement by new one. Please request shipping address for sending device back (for repair) at
2. Ask customer about the problem with the device in order to be sure it is really broken (if you are not sure please email us). Inform customer that he should send device for repair and will receive it back after repair/replacement by new one. Please request shipping address for sending device back (for repair) at
We have many approval documents in different countries (some of them published at certificates and approvals web-page) and working on receiving new ones. We do not finance certification (approvals) in new country if there are no positive history of sales or current requests for products supplying. Anyway you can send us detailed request at and leadership will examine a question but we do not guarantee positive result.
This is very individual question. Note, company policy implies presence of many or few big distributors within 1 country or region. There was some requests for exclusive rights and even few experience with concluded contracts. This experience was not successful as contracts demanded plan of purchasing at least 5000 devices (any model) a year and it was impossible to promote and sell new products in the country so quickly. Leadership does not sign exclusive rights agreements with plan of purchasing less then 5000 devices a year. That is why for those who want to be leader in your country we offer the following as one of the solutions: you can open a warehouse (center for distributors), all distributors will buy directly from you as you'll provide availability of commodities, fast delivery, warranty, trainings etc. If you have additional questions please contact us.
"DENAS MS Corporation" supplies products in case of 100% prepayment only. Payment by installments is not acceptable also
Company set up minimal retail price for products (download price list at distributors area). You can set up more expensive prices as you can have additional expenses (shipping of products, rent-lease office etc). Nobody can sell products cheaper than minimal price. If this take place and distributor doesn't solve problem in 1 week we close cooperation with this distributor and stop supplying products to them. If you found case of price dumping please contact us as soon as possible.
As you can see in the price list (see column warehouse price) you get cheaper prices if you order 10 or more one name item (for example 10 diadens-pcm devices). You can get additional discounts for the next purchases in according to our marketing discount system.
Right, "DENAS MS" Corporation is based on Multi Level Marketing principle. That is mean that you can organize a network with distributors in your region or all over the world. In other words, you can sign distributor under oneself (make own distribution downline). When your downline distributors order products, "DENAS MS" corporation give you discounts for your next orders in according to our marketing plan. "DENAS MS" Corporation does not pay money in according to our marketing plan, but give equivalent discounts for your next purchases.
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